To the ones who started with an idea, not a plan. Who trust intuition more than data. Who are told they should be more organized, less chaotic. More systemized, less sporadic. More aggressive and less authentic.

And who sometimes secretly wonder if it’s possible to succeed…and still be you.

You totally can.

You just need a different set of rules.






Those who want to thrive in their business while managing the natural fears that arise with growth and expansion.


Women and men who want to manage their own energy and emotions while navigating the complexities that come with people, systems, and team.


Those who are wired with the intuition and sensitivity that makes for a great healer (but seem to wreak havoc when it comes to money and business) who want the confidence to succeed.


Anyone juggling the complexities of both a day job and their passion, while reinventing themselves toward entrepreneurship.


Those who want to break out of the “starving artist” mindset and discover how to bring their gifts to the world while building a business that supports their life and work.


Leaders and visionaries who want to live from the truth they teach and model authentic success for their peeps.



The framework of The Soul-Sourced Entrepreneur is based in a telling acronym: I’M IN.

“I’m In” is a commitment. To yourself and to your business. As the framework of this book, it’s the path for mastering your business, your energy, and your dreams.

I — Initiating Intention. You’ll discover how to honor your authenticity as the force that shapes your intentions, while uncovering the traps that have kept you stuck.  Tune in to a level of purpose and vision you’ve never before explored.

M — Managing Power. A clear view of key behavioral patterns that hold you back, and how to break through. A clean sweep of the mindset obstacles and distractions that drain your energy and power and keep you from creating new outcomes.

I — Interpreting Experiences. Business isn’t a numbers game, like everyone says. It’s an interpretation game. Here’s where you ditch old stories and find the opportunities hidden within the challenges (and the numbers), while coaching yourself to a new view.

N — Navigating Decisions. Breaking free from fear-based decision making requires a paradigm shift. Learn to make intention-based decisions that free you from the fears and confines of past mistakes, so you can lead your business with profound clarity.

This isn't simply an acronym, these are the new "soul rules" which create a source of unfathomable strength, granting you access to a deep level of internal power.


Before Christine Kane founded what became a multi-million dollar coaching company, she spent fifteen years in the music industry, producing seven CD’s and a DVD on her own label, while touring the globe over 200 days a year. She shared the stage with luminaries like John Mayer, The Beach Boys, Los Lobos, Nanci Griffith, and Shawn Colvin.

In 2010, Kane opened Uplevel You, a company that serves a new class of idea-driven, aggression-averse entrepreneurs (a class she counts herself a member of). Her work has attracted more than 125,000 loyal email subscribers and has coached thousands of clients into the six and seven figures in their businesses, while remaining true to their message and their souls.




As I write this, I’m happily running a 7-figure business that I started from scratch, and I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t found you, Christine. What you’ve created here has changed me. I don’t think I would have survived some crazy sort of straight “business-only” course or coach.

We evolve as human beings when we have our own businesses. We come up against ourselves and our limiting beliefs and old wounds almost every day. The Soul Track component of your teachings and coaching is what really allowed me not only to step into greater financial abundance in my business but also to step into my power and be myself (not some cookie cutter “business owner” the world says I should be).

Brandi Bernoskie

After false starts derailed the path of my “adult life/career,” I found myself on a track, obsessed with achievement. I felt behind in life and had Things. To. Prove. Even as I started my first company, the proving quickly became exhausting and felt pointless, which led to a quest to discover the point of it all.

That’s when I found Christine – and discovered that there even IS a “soul track” in business. The truth is…the soft stuff, the SOUL stuff, is everything. And forming a relationship with it can be the secret to your success. It certainly has been mine. With Christine’s help, I started and built what has become a multi-six-figure business, and I now use the Soul Track to guide it all.

If you want to discover how you can be all things: creative, sensitive, intuitive and successful as a business owner, then you can’t afford not to get this book.

Eryn Morgan

Let me be really clear. The business success came like lightning as I did the “Soul Track” work. It showed up in the form of amazing new employees, paying them AND MYSELF with ease and reliability, firing abusive clients, replacing them with AMAZING clients who make me happy to answer the phone, growing our revenue 10x over four years, the addition of a 401(k) plan)…the list goes on.

Every day I continue to approach my work with a purposeful and compassionate mindset that I developed in partnership with Christine…

What will always be most important to me, however, is the way that caring for myself and my business opened me up to becoming a better son, husband, brother and friend. The personal milestones of the past five years include marriage to my partner of 13 years, buying a house to better accommodate our aging parents for longer visits, buying my tricked-out BMW, and being an integral part of both of my parent’s long-term care-taking teams in their last years when they faced back-to-back terminal illnesses.

Jack Kinley

Christine helped me go from a ‘splattered event planner’ to a more thoughtful and successful business owner. As I’ve learned to focus on both the strategy and soul, I’ve experienced not just a jump in revenue (35% in less than a year) but also these miraculous moments when I experience my own confidence in my messaging, marketing and communication with my clients.

Susie Mordoh

It’s a profound ache to have a gift or a dream and not be able to realize it. But to discover the teacher, mentor, guide who can help you actualize and BECOME who you came here to be -and put that out in the world in a way that supports you and others – is the ultimate gift!

Christine Kane is a brilliant, creative, laser-sharp business coach embodied in this accessible, quirky, hilariously funny, plain-talking, direct and supportive girlfriend who figuratively holds your hand to walk you through the steps of building a business (and she knows her business!) – who will NEVER give up on you!

Christine has connected me with the deepest parts of my Self, made confusing things simple and made impossible tasks possible. Wherever you are in your process of creating a business — I hope for your sake that you get this book! Your work and your life will transform!

Lisa Zimmerman

All the business strategies in the world couldn’t help me. That’s because I was stuck in the idea that musicians and music teachers are broke and overworked. That’s when Christine showed me the “Soul Track” of business. I learned how to value myself, how to stop avoiding money and pricing, how to lean in and communicate with students, and how to be more confident, clear and creative. I can now stand in the power of owning a real six-figure business, and I actually have the bandwidth to be better than I’ve ever been at what I do.

Janet Feld Greene

I was the dude that was getting things for free. It goes back to when I was growing up in the projects, on the lower east side – in this dangerous environment, in poverty – getting lots of things for free. It was all that, it was common. But it became dysfunctional when I didn’t grow out of it. So as an adult – I was still trying to get things for free and I didn’t give anything value. I never thought about value.

But…everything changed. Christine taught me about “congruence.” So, I said, “I want to actually DO something. I don’t want to be the person who is doing like 10% of something. I want to be the person who does things full out.”

Christine gave me something worth paying attention to. I could specifically pay attention to growing my business, becoming more sustainable, and being more aligned with my purpose in life.

Khaiim Kelly

In this day and age of information overload, there are plenty of people giving entrepreneurs lots of “should’s” or advice that’s overly complicated and hard to take action on. Christine teaches this great combination of strategy and soul that leads to proven results no matter what kind of business you’re in. Christine is phenomenal at listening to her clients, meeting you where you are, and helping you discover the true potential in your business.

Erica Quam

If you are honest about your goals, willing to self-reflect and ready to walk into total authenticity with your business, Christine is the coach for you! While she imparts wisdom, she will help you make manifest your own wisdom and walk in it without excuses.

Priscilla McKinney

When I first found Christine’s work, I was making less than $2000 per month in my business, and I was tired and frustrated and had no idea how to approach running my own company.

Within a year, I had more than doubled my monthly income. Some of this was due to implementing better systems…but much of it was because I got confident enough to let go of non-ideal clients that drained me… and to raise my prices because I finally realized MY value…and to honor who I am as I build this business. This is called The Soul Track and it’s huge.

Anne Waple

In the two-and-a-half years of being coached by Christine, I have learned to be an authentic marketer without being salesy or pushy. As big as this learning has been, it’s not even my biggest change or growth. The change in my mindset has been extraordinary. My confidence in myself and what I offer to my clients skyrocketed. My courage to take chances and experiment in my business (and elsewhere in my life) has become almost second nature. I am beginning transitioning my business into a new phase, and I know I can do it because of all I’ve learned from Christine.

Phyllis Levinson

When I first met Christine in 2008, I was working as a neonatal occupational therapist and a national consultant. I did not have a business or even expect to have one – ever. I simply wrote down a lofty 5-year goal at one of her retreats based on a need I saw in my own little corner of the world. Six months and some deep-Christine-style-business-and-soul-exploration-work later, I said aloud to her that I wanted to start a national organization for therapists who specialized in working with premature and sick infants in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

I spent the next 8 years (eight!) immersed in Christine’s business coaching programs. Christine’s programs do not involve hollow or shortsighted internet marketing tactics. She is in this for the long haul, as am I. Her programs and ingenious guidance led me step by step from concept to full realization of my vision.

I was able to take one step at a time with the full support of Christine, her coaches, and the other brilliant business owners in her programs. The peer environment she has created is second to none. It’s not fake or exaggerated. It’s about what happens when you’re surrounded with acceptance and accountability all at once. It’s transformative.

Fast forward to now – we just held our 1oth annual globally attended live conference with 1000+ in attendance and also provide unique and valuable online educational programs, CEUs, mentoring, and courses to a worldwide group of passionate neonatal therapists.

Christine understood from the beginning that my deepest desire was to serve babies and families in the NICU through the unique and powerful perspective, knowledge, and skills of neonatal therapists.

She never once let me deviate from that vision. She’s the real deal.

Sue Ludwig

I went from doing classes that were pretty relatively cheap to charging more for mentorship programs and made $4,600 in one week. I had never made $4,600 in one week! The very next year, I hit six-figures in my business. That’s unheard of.

Gina Spriggs

Christine’s approach works because it’s a combination of practical strategy and deep soul work. For me to be truly successful in creating a business, I had to grow and stretch to become the person who would dare to play big and be a thought leader in my field.   

I started my work with her as a marriage and family therapist who thought marketing was a dirty word.  I’m now a best-selling author with Harper Collins. I have a successful podcast and TEDx talk, and a suite of online trainings…as well as a practice that I love.  

Christine had the intuition, skills and tools that set me on a journey that would change my life.

Colleen O-Grady

Attorneys aren’t trained how to be entrepreneurs. They tend to just take on whatever clients find them, and that becomes their business. 

Christine helped me change that and really become the creator of a business I love. She helped me get clear on who I am. I discovered who I most wanted to serve, how to value my services and put my offers together, and how to break free from the many rules that come with being a lawyer. (We’re expected to be perpetually serious, dry, humorless, and only wear black.) 

I faced down many deep-seated fears along the way. And I’ve now built a business that I love, making more than I ever have. I work with people that I love.I don’t work nights or weekends. And most importantly, I love my life.

Tisha Dodge

At one point in my life, I considered myself the world’s least likely entrepreneur! I met Christine in 2007 at one of her women’s retreats…not knowing at that time that the course of my life and career would be forever altered. I’ve done every one of her coaching mentoring programs over the years, and have authentically built my business MY way as a result.

The “Soul Track” of her programs and coaching offered me the opportunity to really take a look at what I valued and create a vision for my business that helped me create the degree of

freedom and flexibility I wanted for myself. I no longer feel the pressure of trying to implement

strategies that don’t align with who I am and the results I want to create. I love the business I’ve created and am living the life I envisioned. Christine’s coaching and support were integral in helping me get there!

Dr. Anna Garrett